Queen Awards Violence-free Horsemanship

Newsdate: Thu, 24 May 2012 - 09:15 am
Location: SOLVANG, California

On the 24th of June, 2012 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is scheduled to award several persons recommended by famed horse gentler Monty Roberts for their pioneering efforts to encourage violence-free training in South America where extremely harsh traditional horsemanship has been the norm for centuries.

Supporting gentler horsemanship

Supporting gentler horsemanship

Pictured Terry Pendry, head studgroom to HMTQ of England, Dr. Veronica Fowler, and Monty Roberts.
Courtesy Monty and Pat Roberts Inc. archive

Signed certificates will be presented by Queen Elizabeth II and will state that the Queen acknowledges these persons for their extraordinary efforts to eliminate violence in the training of horses, followed by their country’s name. The Queen will award these certificates during ceremonies at the Al Habtoor Royal Windsor Polo Cup, Guards Polo Club, Windsor, England.

Monty Roberts will be present assisting The Queen to present the chosen recipients with their awards for commitment to his violence-free Join-Up® concepts. Recipients chosen are Adolfo Cambiaso (Argentina), Carlos Gracida (Mexico and Argentina), Memo Gracida (Mexico and Argentina), Carlos Leite (Brazil), Catherine Cunningham (Guatemala), Eduardo Moreira (Brazil), Joel Baker (USA), Mateus Ribeiro (Brazil), and Satish Seemar (Dubai).

On June 6, 2011, Queen Elizabeth II presented Monty Roberts with Her Majesty’s personal honors. At Buckingham Palace, Monty received the Member of the Victorian Order ( M.V.O), an award with medal citing his work on behalf of the Royal Stables. Her Majesty’s statements included acknowledgment of Monty’s work globally with people as well as horses. The Queen has been outspoken in her support of his non-violent message for horses and for people, too. From this point forward, Monty will be known as Monty Roberts, M.V.O.

"Years ago when Her Majesty first watched me Join-Up with a filly of the Queen Mother's, she asked me right there to take this to the world and get busy. Her Majesty's specific request was that wherever I go on these travels, please would I support therapeutic riding."

Monty Roberts, now 77, is traveling and demonstrating around the world.  He is training horses in front of live audiences, staying the course to his mission “to leave the world a better place for horses and for people, too.” Monty will be doing an intensive five day clinic at his California Flag Is Up Farms on August 6-10. Attendees from around the world will come to see a master at work.  In autumn Monty will tour England in October and Germany in November.


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