5-Way Plus West Nile Vaccine for Horses

Newsdate: Wed, 23 May 2012 - 07:21 am

United Vet Equine, a leader in the horse health care industry, cares about the well-being of all horses, and is proud to announce the availability of the very first 5-way vaccine plus West Nile that provides both protection and convenience.

Prestige V + WNV one-shot vaccine

Prestige V + WNV one-shot vaccine

The first 5-way vaccine plus West Nile that provides both protection and convenience is available now.

Vaccines are a critical component of a horse’s health program. Vaccines protect horses against life-threatening contagious diseases that can severely affect health and performance.

Manufactured by the trusted company Intervet, this Prestige V + WNV one-shot vaccine is for horses six months or older. This all-in-one combo vaccine protects against the following:

  • Equine Encephalitis (both East and West Nile
  • Equine Herpesviruses/Rhino
  • Equine Influenza (virus subtypes A1, A2)
  • Tetanus Toxoid
  • West Nile

How do vaccines work? Vaccinations work by introducing weakened or killed microorganisms into the body to train the immune system to destroy specific disease-causing agents. In the vast majority of cases, this process results in long-lasting immunity. 

Equine vaccinations prime the immune system for a quick response when exposed to infection. Horse vaccines are the only proven method of protecting against the diseases listed above; there are no specific cures. These diseases can be found anywhere:

  •  Equine Encephalitis is transmitted by mosquitoes and has a high mortality rate
  •  Equine Herpesvirus causes abortion, and is a neurologic and respiratory disease
  •  Equine Influenza is highly contagious and carries a mortality rate of 40%
  • Tetanus is present in manure and soil; morality is high
  • West Nile Virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and has a high mortality rate

Over the past eight decades, vaccines have saved the lives of thousands of horses and rendered a number of terrible equine diseases exceedingly rare. Vaccines remain among the most effective weapons for protecting horses against the ravages of disease.

United Vet Equine’s offer of the very first five-way plus West Nile combo vaccine takes all the guesswork out of selecting what vaccines to administer. After the initial vaccination, you only have to give Prestige V + WNV once a year.

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