BUCKEYE Nutrition Launches Recovery Product for Performance Horses

Performance horse in action.
Performance horse in action. Mark Kent

Newsdate: July 15, 2020, 11:30 am
Location: DALTON, Ohio

BUCKEYE™ Nutrition, part of Mars Horsecare US, Inc., has launched Ultimate Recovery an extruded recovery supplement for performance horses. Targeted to support faster muscle and tissue recovery, this new top-dress is formulated for horses in all intensities of work.

A bag of Buckeye's Ultimate Recovery horse supplementA bag of Buckeye's Ultimate Recovery horse supplement.

A bag of Buckeye's Ultimate Recovery horse supplement

Knowing the recovery needs of performance horses, we were able to create a supplement that helps restore muscle and tissue after exercise.
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Focusing on branched-chain amino acids, this supplement guarantees concentrations of isoleucine, valine, leucine and glutamine to support optimum muscle repair. In addition, live probiotics support a balanced hindgut under stress from training, competition and travel, while electrolytes aid in rehydration and encourage thirst.

“Our research shows that there is a need for a supplement specifically focused on recovery,” said Nettie Liburt, PhD, PAS, Senior Equine Nutrition Manager, Mars Horsecare US, Inc. “Knowing the recovery needs of performance horses and also the manufacturing capabilities of our mill, we were able to create a supplement that helps restore muscle and tissue after exercise.”

Fed at a minimum recommended feeding rate of 1.0 lb per day for a 1,100-lb horse, one 30-lb bag of ULTIMATE RECOVERY will last approximately 30 days.

In addition to the branched-chain amino acids, live probiotics and electrolytes, this supplement also contains the antioxidant vitamins E and C to support muscle health and recovery, biotin to support healthy hoof structure, omega-3 fatty acids to promote an anti-inflammatory diet and added calcium to support bone and muscle recovery.

“ULTIMATE RECOVERY has already proven itself in our feeding trials,” Dr. Liburt said. “The results we’re hearing and seeing are incredible. We’re so excited to bring this product to market.”

BUCKEYE Nutrition, a 100 percent equine-focused company, with products made from 100 percent pure, traceable ingredients from a 100 percent med-free mill, is proud to introduce ULTIMATE RECOVERY, available in stores starting mid-July. To find your local BUCKEYE Nutrition dealer or online retailer, please visit BuckeyeNutrition.com.

About BUCKEYE Nutrition

BUCKEYE Nutrition combines science, innovation and a genuine passion for horses to produce the highest-quality, safest feed possible. Every product is formulated by equine nutritionists and produced in a state-of-the-art, medication-free facility. BUCKEYE Nutrition takes feed safety seriously, using only 100 percent pure ingredients delivered daily and traced from field to feed bucket. These stringent quality standards are backed by the WALTHAM™ Petcare Science Institute, a world-leading authority on animal care. In business since 1910, BUCKEYE Nutrition is passionate about unlocking the full potential of horses, allowing them to live longer, healthier and happier lives. Visit BuckeyeNutrition.com.

Press release provided by Abby Strawder, Marketing Manager - Mars Horsecare US, Inc.

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