Fecal Egg Count Test

Newsdate: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 - 07:53 am
Location: MAHOMET, Illinois

Horsemen’s Laboratory provides postage-paid kits for fecal egg counts. The laboratory performs microscopic, fecal egg counts that tell you how often you need to deworm your horse.

You can order a testing kit―online or by phone―that includes a sturdy container for the stool sample, plastic bag, instructions, and prepaid self-addressed envelope. Your results will be sent in an e-mail PDF file followed by U.S. Postal mail copy. You will also receive an e-mail reminder when it’s time to test your horse again. Visit www.horsemenslab.com to order your kit, and to learn more about Horsemen’s Laboratory, worm life cycles, and evaluating your worm control program for your horse.

Horsemen’s Laboratory owner Dr. John Byrd has extensive experience with racing and breeding horses and maintains Westbrook Boarding Stable. He created Horsemen's Laboratory in 1992 so that horse owners could better evaluate their worm control programs and make informed decisions about deworming their horses.



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