Fewer Flies Equal Less Stress for You and Your Horse

Flies attacking horse's face.
Flies attacking horse's face. Carien Schippers

Newsdate: Tuesday June 26, 2018, 9:00 am
Location: PARSIPPANY, New Jersey

Take a moment to think of the peaceful, comforting sounds echoing throughout your barn — horses quietly munching on hay; shod hooves walking down the barn aisle. Now, enter the hum of a buzzing stable fly — your horse anxiously swishes his tail and defensively kicks his stall as he attempts to rid the terrible pest.

Horse's pain at being attacked by flies.

Horse's pain at being attacked by flies

Not only do flies annoy horses, riders and stable managers, they can carry serious disease that puts the horse's well-being at risk.
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Peace and comfort? The moment has passed. The best flies are the ones that never hatch. Solitude® IGR is a feed-through fly preventive that helps keep flies away from your horses. With Solitude® IGR, you and your horse can enjoy a more peaceful stable.

“Flies are more than just a nuisance,” said Kenton Morgan, DVM, managing veterinarian, Equine Technical Services at Zoetis. “Not only do they annoy horses, riders and stable managers, they can carry serious disease that puts the horse’s well-being at risk.”

Flies contribute to many equine diseases, including significant threats such as:

  • Pigeon fever
  • Strangles
  • Influenza
  • Salmonella

More than disease threats alone, flies impair wound healing, which can take away valuable time spent in the saddle.

“One horse’s manure can be a breeding ground for up to 10,000 flies per day,” Morgan said. “Fly management is key. By eliminating the flies before they hatch, you use less fly spray and have less stress, creating a more peaceful stable for you and your horse.”

House and stable flies lay their eggs in manure, and eggs subsequently hatch into the larval stage. Solitude IGR passes through the manure of treated horses to help prevent flies from developing into adults by inhibiting the development of the exoskeleton in fly larvae. In a study, Solitude IGR prevented 100% of house flies and 95% of stable flies from reaching adulthood.1

Know your fly control options to help defeat the enemy. Make sure to discuss fly management during your horse’s next appointment with his veterinarian, and visit SolitideIGR.com to learn more.

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1 Palma K. Study to Determine Efficacy and Safety of Pelleted Feed-Through Formulation Containing Cyromazine for Control of House Flies in Horse Manure. Triad Specialty Products. April 2003.

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