From Horses to K9, Horizon Structures Offers Special Event Discounts For Every Affair

A Horizon Structures dog kennel
A Horizon Structures dog kennel Horizon Structures

Newsdate: Friday, August 18, 2022, 10:00 am
Location: ATGLEN, Pennsylvania

“This November will mark our 15th sponsorship at the nation’s premier equine exposition, the Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA, November 10 –13th, 2022 as the major barn sponsor for the event.

Horizon Structures run-in shed and storage shed.

Horizon Structures run-in shed and storage shed

While horses and horse housing have been front and center of the Horizon Structures, their remarkable success in providing canine comfort and care through residential and commercial kennels..
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You’ll see our run-in sheds at checkpoints throughout the grounds that help house the wonderful team of volunteers that work the show. But as most equine aficionados in the North-East know, our own Brad Zeigler is always there too.

Ready with a big smile and a bevy of barns for the discerning equestrian to peruse and purchase. If you want to get first dibs on the run-in sheds and low-profile barn we are bringing to the show, please sign up for our newsletter,” explains Chief Marketing Officer Jill Siragusa.

While horses and horse housing have always been front and center of the Horizon Structures product line, their remarkable success in providing canine comfort and care through an extensive array of residential and commercial kennels over the past decade are also of note.

The upcoming 11th Annual International K9 Cop Magazine Conference and Vendor Show, to be held September 13-15th, 2022 is also a regular venue where Horizon’s commercial kennels receive a warm welcome as Siragusa further explains:

“This year we are offering a 8’ x 16’ two-dog kennel that is designed to meet the demands that K9 dog trainers require to house their working dogs.

The kennel features maximum security with welded heavy-duty wire throughout, a floor finish that will take all the abuse a large dog can dish out and proper drainage placement to ensure that health and hygiene of these special canines is always optimized with a minimum amount of labor required to keep them clean and perfect.

Brad Zeigler will be on hand to answer questions on the full line-up of kennels we offer, but if you’d like to enjoy a big discount on this exhibition structure, please reach out to us before the event to ensure you don’t miss out.

The work these service dogs and their trainers does is outstanding and being able to give back to the K9 community is always a joy for our team.”

Creatures great and small enjoy the shelter and comfort of Horizon’s ‘Structures’ nationwide.

Whatever the weather, wind, hail, storm or snow, the Amish built structures are ready to handle it. Horizon’s lot is stocked up with many buildings ready to ship.

Coming up this September some extra special discounts are on offer covering what’s on the lot, so don’t forget to ‘run-in’ and sign up if you are in the market for a kennel, coop or horse barn. Winter will be here before you know it.

About Horizon Structures:

One horse or twenty, there's one thing all horse owners have in common...the need to provide safe and secure shelter for their equine partners. At Horizon Structures, we combine expert craftsmanship, top-of-the-line materials and smart "horse-friendly" design to create a full line of sheds and barns that any horse owner can feel confident is the right choice for their horses' stabling needs.

All wood. Amish Made. Most of our buildings are shipped 100% pre-built and ready for same-day use. Larger barns are a modular construction and can be ready for your horses in less than a week. All our barn packages include everything you need -

Horizon Structures also sells chicken coops, equine hay feeders, greenhouses, dog kennels, 1 and 2 car garages, storage sheds and outdoor living structures and playsets.

Headquartered in South-Central Pennsylvania, Horizon Structures, LLC is owned by Dave Zook. Dave was raised in the Amish tradition and grew up working in the family-owned shed business. He started Horizon Structures in 2001 in response to an ever-increasing customer demand for high quality, affordable horse barns.

For additional information about the company or their product line, please visit their website at

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