Hock Shield® Helps You Trot Through Your CCI Inspection

Protecting horse's legs.
Protecting horse's legs. Flickr.com - Smerikal

Newsdate: Wed, January 3, 2018, 11:10 am
Location: SANTA CRUZ, California

Three-day event riders and their grooms take passing the CCI jog inspection as seriously as any other phase. Presenting an equine athlete with a healthy, gleaming finish from nose-to-tail includes showing judges clean, smooth legs, too.

Measuring horse for hock shields

Measuring horse for hock shields

Open sores or rubs on legs or joints aren’t just unsightly; they affect how a horse travels, and Hock Shields can play a part in your winning strategy.
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In ‘The Sunday Jog-Up,’ groom A J Dyer told Eventing Nation readers “Event horses need hair for protection from bangs and nicks on cross-country.”

Open sores or rubs on legs or joints aren’t just unsightly; they affect how a horse travels and how comfortably. That’s where Click Horse Products’ Hock Shield®, Hock Shield Ultra® and Fetlock Shield can play a part in your winning strategy.

Made of the same durable neoprene used in scuba diving and surfing, with replaceable Velcro straps that assure a custom fit, the Shields protect sensitive joints from the bed sores, rubs or scalding that keep a horse from looking or performing at its best.

When the 2018 Land Rover Three-Day Event comes to the Kentucky Horse Park this April 26-29, Hock Shields will be there too, with distributors Intrepid International, and cheering on riders like 2015 Pan American Games US team and individual Gold medalist, and 2013 USEA Horse of the Year rider and trainer, Marilyn Little.

Passing the jog with winning style starts with protecting the legs. Hock Shields and Fetlock Shields are the preferred choice in protection for dressage competitors, Pro Equine Grooms and Long Riders Gear, with replacement elastic straps available for just $5 a pair. Learn more at www.hockshield.com or call (831) 426-1206.

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