Horizon Structures Presents Series - Don't Forget the Overhang When Building a Horse Barn

Horizon Structures modular horse barn with overhang.
Horizon Structures modular horse barn with overhang. Horizon Structures

Newsdate: May 22, 2018, 11:30 am
Location: ATGLEN, Pennsylvania

It’s almost impossible to overstate the added benefits that the addition of an overhang to a horse barn building brings to the world of horse care.

Horse barn with overhang.

Horse barn with overhang

The overhang provides shelter for the horses from rain showers, bad weather and the baking rays of the sun.
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The overhang is a finishing touch that beautifies the building and also serves several sincere purposes. Plus it is relatively inexpensive to include in your new horse structure plans. Also known as a lean or lean to, most run-in sheds and shedrow barns incorporate an overhang. The overhang is extremely popular for good reason.

Typically the overhang extends the roof for either the width or length of the building and can be an additional roof tier or a simple extension of the existing main roof.

It is imperative that the overhang is built to meet or exceed the National Building Code. The construction should provide a strong, weight bearing capacity to ensure the overhang will stand up to extreme weather. Be sure to check with your construction company to make certain this is the case.

Take a look at these reasons why you should not forget the overhang in your barn build:

  • The overhang will protect the stall area of the structure from wind, rain and hot sun. This means your horse can happily munch his hay with his head out of his Dutch door without being subject to the elements. In a run-in shed construction the overhang provides shelter for the horses from rain showers, bad weather and the baking rays of the sun, making it the perfect solution to protect the horses for the busy equine owner who is not always home to bring the horses inside during poor weather. Horses will use a run-in shed more frequently in summer than winter, and shade also means less flies. The overhang will increase their area of shelter and may minimize the amount of mucking out you need to do in their stalls as a result.
  • The stall entry areas are necessarily high traffic regions of the barn and without an overhang your beautiful grassy entrances will quickly become quagmires of mud. In winter the advent of snow and ice may make them slippery and dangerous. Provision of an overhang will protect these areas from water and the unnecessary tracking of dirt and debris into the barn. When snow falls of the roof and builds up outside the building the barn interior will be protected from snow melt and water damage. It will provide another barrier of protection from deterioration from sun and rain, to the siding and doors.
  • There are a myriad of added daily uses the overhang provides for the horse owner. A clean dry space for cross ties and a place for vet, farrier and care providers to work is always a blessing. When adding electric to your barn it is a good idea to include exterior grade electrical outlets away from the horse’s reach, for use by your health professionals for their equipment. You can also use this extended covered space to tack up your horse, store provisions and horse equipment. You can always enjoy ‘a quick cuppa’ between grooming or clipping sessions under the shelter of the overhang. It provides a place to chat with students and friends without being in the aisleway. You can enjoy watching your horses graze in the pasture or beg for carrots from their Dutch doorways out of wind, sun and rain.
  • Don’t forget the finishing touches! An overhang provides the perfect decorating area to enhance your barn with hanging flower baskets, holiday lights and extra wall space for barn blackboards, signage and personal touches such as ribbon cases and cupboards to store wraps and medical kits.

The overhang is one of the best ways to enhance both form and function of your horse structure when working on a tight budget. Ask your builder about different size options and don’t forget to make sure the overhang meets or exceeds building codes.

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