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Rider thrown from saddle by bucking horse.
Rider thrown from saddle by bucking horse. lostinfog

Newsdate: Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 10:00 am
Location: DURHAM, North Carolina

Suspension Technology™ has been, for the past 20 years, a hallmark of ThinLine. Through a complicated chemical and mechanical process, ThinLine acts like a suspension bridge; it actually carries the rider's weight and movement across the entire portion of the ThinLine foam found on all of our saddle pads.

Impact (shock-absorbency) is an important element to add under any saddle for those “unforeseen” moments in riding. This can be achieved via numerous products and textiles; for instance, felt is wonderful, and gels also disperse an immediate hit, but when riding a moving animal, there is much more to the story.

What this means to your horse; even just sitting on your horse's back all day in a perfectly fitted saddle, the rider's weight is forced directly onto the tree and subsequently just that small area on the horse’s back. ThinLine suspension technology “carries” the rider's weight along the entire ThinLine shim, meaning the horse will have little to no back soreness.

The carrying capacity also makes ThinLine exceptional for saddle fitting. Shimming is great, but it is also done while the horse is stationary. There is much more going on in all of the different gaits with the horses’ back. For instance, “if you are shimming at a shoulder, this means the horse needs to lift his shoulder muscle more and is reliable more likely to be dropping that shoulder in turns at any gait.

The ThinLine portion above the shim carries the saddle and the rider in those moments.” - Elaine Lockhead Castelao, Founder & Owner of ThinLine Global Inc. Products like gel simply move when compressed and released, only adding to the issues of stability and balance.

Equestrians need more than just shock absorbency to allow the horse to perform with maximum comfort and stability. The horse and rider need a partner product that effectively carries the rider quietly and carefully over the horse, thus allowing the communication between horse and rider to be effective; quiet seat aids without noisy disruptions.

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ThinLine Global creates products focused on comfort, safety, and performance for horses and their riders. We make the feel softer and more effective while protecting horses for peak performance. ThinLine provides solutions from saddle fit to rider confidence and security. Additionally, ThinLine manufactures other innovative accessories to keep your horse happy and healthy.

Press release by Maggie Carty Marketing Manager ThinLine Global

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