Neogen Launches LarvaGuard Mosquito Larvacide Granule

Mosquito - Horse disease carrier.
Mosquito - Horse disease carrier. Alvesgaspar

Newsdate: May 17, 2018, 9:30 pm
Location: LEXINGTON, Kentucky

Mosquitos pose serious health threats to humans, horses and other animals. Mosquito eggs are most commonly laid on surfaces of standing water. The eggs hatch when exposed to water, and the larval stage begins.

Blood-engorged mosquito.

Blood-engorged mosquito

Neogen has launched a safe and easy solution to keep humans and animals out of harm's way from threats posed by mosquitoes.
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The most effective way to reduce mosquito populations is to eliminate or treat standing water, including neglected bird baths, abandoned swimming pools, clogged rain gutters, old tires, livestock and horse water troughs and standing water areas.

Prozap® LarvaGuard Mosquito Larvicide Granules can help banish mosquitoes from homes, gardens and farms when applied to standing water, where mosquitoes breed. Each application of LarvaGuard provides 30 days of mosquito larva control, and treated areas are safe for livestock, pets and humans. The use of the active ingredient, methoprene, an insect growth regulator (IGR), eliminates future mosquito populations by stopping the growth cycle at the larval stage.

“Mosquitoes are perhaps best known for being an extremely annoying summertime nuisance, but they can pose serious health threats to both humans and animals,” said Neogen’s Katherine Goodpaster. “Some species can transmit diseases to humans and animals, such as Zika virus, West Nile virus, chikungunya, dengue, eastern equine encephalitis, heart worm disease, and many others.”

LarvaGuard is available in a 1 pound jar with scoop and 2.5 pound container with a shaker top for easy application. One teaspoon treats up to 200 gallons of water. LarvaGuard granules are activated by water; when applied to areas that dry up, the product reactivates once water reappears.

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