New Equine Anti-inflammatory Supplement

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Newsdate: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 - 01:47 am
Location: JONESVILLE, North Carolina

Nouvelle Veterinary, Inc., the makers of Cur-OST®, announce the release of their new equine anti-inflammatory supplement, Cur-OST® EQ Green.  This formula combines the powerful anti-inflammatory actions of Curcumin and Boswellia in a natural base of Spirulina Blue-Green algae, Ashwaghanda, Alfalfa Herb and Anise Seed extract. 

Our Cur-OST® line of equine products are research supported and clinically utilized in veterinary patients for over 5 years with excellent results. 

The EQ Green product is designed for more chronic inflammatory disorders in the horse such as arthritis, navicular syndrome, laminitis, uveitis and even COPD that have been recurring for months or years. 

In addition to reducing the inflammation associated with these conditions, our EQ Green product provides micronutrients in their natural form to help support overall health and improve skin/hoof condition. 

Many horses with chronic ailments have been able to reduce or eliminate their dependence on prescription pain medications after 1-2 months of using the Cur-OST® EQ Green.

Come visit our new website at to discover the benefits of our Cur-OST® line of products.  Visit our new "Ask A Vet" section on our website and submit your questions regarding our products or your horse's condition directly to Dr. Schell, the creator of Cur-OST® .

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