New Knee Shield by Click Horse Products Stands Up for Equine Joint Protection

Horse's legs in action.
Horse's legs in action. Higgins

Newsdate: Monday, February 11, 2019, 11:30 am
Location: SANTA CRUZ, California

The solution to equine joint protection just added a new element to the equation: The Knee Shield, by Click Horse Products, makers of The Hock Shield®.

Knee shields on a horse's legs.

Knee shields on a horse's legs

Bottom line? The result is horses, like Biri, who tested The Knee Shield no longer suffered from open sores on their knees.
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And by working with another protective horse wear expert, Sox For Horses, to solve the problem of chronically sore, scraped knees on an aging Thoroughbred named Biri, the result is a winning solution for horse owners everywhere. Laura, Biri’s owner, says her decision to try the new Knee Shield began when the owners of Sox For Horses, makers of Summer Whinnys™ put her in touch two years ago with Shields creator, Shari Click, in an effort to help Biri.

“Despite many specialists and evaluations, Biri has an undiagnosed sleep disorder,” Laura says about her 18 year-old, 16.3 hand gelding. “It’s not narcolepsy, but he’s had it since before I knew him, and I’ve had him six years. He falls to his knees at night, resulting in chronically sore, scraped knees. Shari was very kind and allowed us to test her Knee Shield prototypes as she developed the product.”

Laura tried other joint protection options before the Knee Shields:

“Too numerous to count! Before Knee Shields, my best option was two pairs of Summer Whinnys on each front leg, with one pair pulled up over the knee. I’ve tried ‘all’ the neoprene and boot-type options, plus some therapeutic knee boot options, standing wraps with various ‘extras’ over the knees, shipping boots worn backwards, and even diabetic wraps (for people). Shari’s Shields are the best.”

“When I am at expos with my Hock Shield booth, I’m often asked when will I develop a knee protector?” says Click. “Sox For Horses told me that they have customers who struggle with knee sores. Sox for Horses products, and Hock and Fetlock Shields, have proven an effective combination for horses with bedsores.

They sent me horses and owners, like Biri and Laura, who helped test my Knee Shield prototypes and develop the best design. Like The Hock Shield, it took about 18 months and many designs before I – and the horses – were satisfied with the final product.”

Bottom line? The result was that horses, like Biri, who tested The Knee Shield no longer suffered from open sores on their knees.

The Knee Shield is officially in production and available for purchase on

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