New Portable "Microbacterial Destroying" Water Disinfection System Helps Keep Horses Healthy

Palomino horse drinking from a water trough.
Palomino horse drinking from a water trough. Gwendolyn Sams

Newsdate: Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 9:00 am
Location: AIKEN, South Carolina

More than 70% of the human body is made up of water – and horses are no different. Water is required for every bodily function, from brain activity to waste excretion.  And even if your horses aren’t working it’s important that they’re drinking.  The problem can get much more serious in competitive animals. 

Horse splashing water in his water trough.

Horse splashing water in his water trough

Nothing has greater influence on the overall well being of horses than water intake, now a system supplies water that consistently smells and tastes exactly the same - anywhere, anytime and anyplace.
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Horses that are working very hard require good clean water and a horse that refuses to drink is a serious problem.  Not only will it lose condition, it could dehydrate. Dehydration can be as much of a problem in winter as it is in the summer. Horses need to drink a minimum of 10 to 12 gallons of water a day to stay healthy, no matter what time of year it is.

Problems that can arise from horses not consuming enough water:

  • Decreased feed intake: This has a direct impact on the animal’s ability to maintain body weight
  • Impaction colic: This risk is more widely discussed and possibly more harmful.  If a horse doesn’t consume enough water, the risk of impaction colic rises sharply.

Many assume that any type of 'fresh or natural’ source of water is clean and healthy. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and horses may turn away from city water with chlorine and fluoride smell and taste.

H2O Safety Net announces the launch of GUARDIAN QD powered by Quantum Disinfection™.   GUARDIAN QD is the ONLY portable water system that immediately disinfects the water you give your horse as it is running through a lightweight unit attached to your hose, giving your horse clean and disinfected water that consistently smells and tastes exactly the same - anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

There has NEVER been a water disinfection system like GUARDIAN QD. It is a true, industry shattering breakthrough in water cleansing and disinfection. 

GUARDIAN QD combines the two most powerful water cleansing processes in one portable, lightweight and easy to use unit.   First the water flows through activated carbon which filters out chlorine, fluoride and many known VOC chemicals and contaminants (volatile organic compounds). 

Then the water flows through the proprietary Quantum Disinfection™ media which instantly destroys bacteria, virus, microscopic algae, protozoa, yeast (candida) and pathogens upon contact.

It does so by a revolutionary technology using the quantum mechanic principles of electron movement to create catalytic active surfaces. No power needed - No chemicals are used - No leaching into the water. Quantum Disinfection™ kills the microorganisms instantly as water passes through the GUARDIAN QD unit.

You can ensure your horse will have the cleanest, best tasting and disinfected water wherever you go, and THAT will ensure they will drink the water wherever they are - at any show barn, a 3 Day Event, a trail riding campsite, on the polo field, at any racetrack or in your own stables. 

If you travel with your horse – if only a few miles – the water available can make all the difference in their health and wellbeing.

Do you REALLY know what is in the water you are giving your animals? Do you really know what is in the water you are supplying for your show competitors or horses stabled on your premises?  Well water can easily get contaminated and city water has fluoride, chlorine and water treatment by products in it. 

The water you depend on to hydrate your horses can change from place to place because of water mains break, infrastructure cracks and when a boil water advisory is signaled. What would happen then? Contaminated undrinkable water is a big problem but NOT if you have GUARDIAN QD on hand. 

You can run your hose and still get cleaned disinfected water. There has NEVER been a breakthrough like this, and it costs much less than you would imagine.

No power needed - No wiring - No chemicals - No UV bulbs - No Reverse Osmosis - No Carbon Footprint - powered only by the stream of water from your hose. Use this unit at the barn, in your horse trailer, in a camper, at your Veterinarian Clinic and in your kennels.  

Disinfection 24/7/356 - instantly kills 99.99% of all harmful bacteria as the Activated Charcoal pre filter removes the bad taste of chlorine, fluoride and environmental VOC's such as herbicides, pesticides and water contaminated with chemicals.  In seconds GUARDIAN QD immediately destroys any pathogen or microorganism in the water supply.

This is a completely GREEN system which treats 50,000 gallons.  Larger units for whole barn, Veterinarian Clinics, Boarding facility or Equine Medical Facility systems are available which will disinfect over 250,000 gallons of water. You should never be without this important horse health product.

Quantum Disinfection™ technology has been certified under NSF 42 and both the US EPA and Homeland Security, and rigorously tested and posted excellent results by:

  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • US EPA
  • Eurofins US
  • Eurofins France,
  • NC State University
  • Proteus, France
  • Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology, China 
  • Avazyme
  • US Ackuritlabs 
  • US Microbac
  • US Homeland Security

This is no ordinary water purifier.   Indeed, most "water purifiers"on the market are the same processes for the most part, just a repackaging of existing technology with a new twist and only treat 2,000 - 3,000 gallons at most - GUARDIAN QD will treat 50,0000 gallons.   

Rarely does a scientific discovery offer to fundamentally change our industry.  Using Quantum Disinfection™ technology, GUARDIAN QD does just that. 

Give your horses, ponies, dogs, birds, cats, any animal you love, the water they deserve!

The inventor, Cristian Chis, PhD, is from Romania and was educated in France, where he developed a passion for nanotechnologies, especially for active nanosurfaces. He was the co-Founder of Cardpoolsas in Ales, France.

Chis has multiple PhDs, an engineering degree and is also a research engineer, international and French patent holder and has been published too many times to count. He now lives with his family in NC, where he continues his research.

Validated by numerous 3rd party agencies, including the EPA and Department of Homeland Security and NSF, Quantum Disinfection™ bacteria eliminating media has been rigorously tested in laboratory and field settings. Manufactured I the US and patented worldwide, the Quantum Disinfection System is in use in countries across the globe, now you can use it in your own barn.   Test reports can be viewed on our website and are also available to you upon request.

Never worry about colic from a horse refusing water - never worry about e coli or other harmful bacteria in your horse's water - keep them safe and hydrated with GUARDIAN QD. 

Simple - Easy - Lightweight - Portable and ready for you today.

For more information email: or call us @ 1-833-SAFTNET (1-833- 723-8638) 

Be Safe Today - Stay safe Tomorrow.   Don’t wait – Protect your Horses, ponies, donkeys and dogs from harmful bacteria in their water today.

Press release provided by Lydia - H2O Safety Net

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