One Planet, One Footing - ArenaMend Introduces Revolutionary Horse ArenaGreen Footing

ArenaGreen footing in an indoor horse arena.
ArenaGreen footing in an indoor horse arena. ArenaGreen Footing

Newsdate: Wed 2 December 2020 – 10:35 am
Location: WELLINGTON, Florida

ArenaGreen Footing earned the Palm Beach Masters (PBM) at Deeridge the top score for footing on the North American Riders Group (NARG) 2020 Venue Rankings Report. In fact, three of the top eight ranked arenas were built by ArenaMend’s Dan Carr, with the top being the ArenaGreen.

Worker on tractor maintaining outdoor ArenaGreen footing.

Worker on tractor maintaining outdoor ArenaGreen footing

ArenaGreen Footing reduces concussion and increases stability requiring no irrigation system, while providing structure underfoot in indoor and outdoor 'horse arenas.
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The NARG 2020 Venue Rankings confirms what many riders and event organizers already know: ArenaMend LLC’s revolutionary eco-friendly footing is fast becoming the preferred choice among today’s top facilities and top riders.

When Dan Carr of ArenaMend LLC, who developed the proprietary formula behind ArenaGreen showcased the footing at the Palm Beach Masters, his dedication to developing the ideal sport horse footing was clear and the equestrian world was introduced to the footing of the future.

“There are two problems in the market that we are trying to solve: water and sand consistency,” Carr explains.

“Irrigation installation and upkeep are expensive and difficult in water-restricted areas. ArenaGreen offers an alternative to spending money on irrigation for regions with limited water.

We manufacture ArenaGreen in several locations across the country so we can offer a consistent product with minimal shipping fees. We also are eliminating the stress of finding ‘the right’ sand while offering people the same consistent footing anywhere in the world.”

Carr estimates that he’s installing about 150 high performance arenas a year, and each new project inspires fresh ways to approach surface factors, sands, and footing materials, in a quest to overcome the challenges of Mother Nature while maintaining optimal footing structure, integrity and stability across all disciplines.

ArenaGreen Footing is a pre-blended, high-performance footing, bagged and ready to go upon delivery. The ultimate performance footing at reducing concussion and increasing stability, it requires no irrigation system, while providing structure and confidence underfoot in indoor and outdoor arenas. ArenaGreen works equally well in arid and tropical climates, delivering an ideal sport horse surface, “weather or not”!

ArenaGreen has no polymers, wax, or petroleum ingredients in its composition, and its natural binding agent is also 99% bio-renewable, contributing in part to the environmentally safe, dust-free, waterless footing’s unmatched success in the sport horse world. ArenaGreen was recognized by the Global Water ChangeMaker Awards. 

Even after developing the revolutionary eco-friendly ArenaGreen footing, ArenaMend LLC’s commitment to the environment continues with looking at new ways to package the product. “One of our focuses in the near future is solving the issue of using plastic, non-reusable bulk bags,” Dan Carr explained.

“Sure, it solves contamination concerns during shipping, but once cut open, the bags are unusable, even though we recycle them. We are looking for alternative, more environmentally-friendly ways to ship our material that is still easy for the customer and maintains product integrity.”

“ArenaGreen offers the best structure, absorbed concussion, and consistency. Our ability to control every ingredient that goes into the footing is one of the keys to its optimal performance,” says Wellington, Florida native Alex Carr, and the “green inspiration” in the ArenaMend team.

With degrees in environmental and international studies from Rhodes College, and hands-on experience in water conservation, her vision for the ArenaMend footing products line has been to ensure a footing that is 100% eco-friendly and is an ideal surface not just for horses but also for the planet.

“My passion has always been the environment. Since day one I have been focused on making ArenaGreen as environmentally safe as possible. By focusing on the environmental impact, we ensure that our footing passes current and future environmental regulations in the European Union and the United States regarding water, micro-plastics, and hazardous materials.

“We’ve dedicated years to this product,” Alex Carr says. “Each failure forced us to fine-tune our ingredients and helped us focus on making the perfect environmentally-friendly footing.” In addition to its natural ingredients, ArenaGreen requires no watering.

While water conservationists applaud ArenaGreen footing’s contributions to water conservation, equestrians praise its performance and rideability. ArenaGreen is the only footing delivering a consistently effective performance surface that can be maintained without watering, making it an especially good performance footing choice for facilities and venues based in areas where water conservation is a priority.

ArenaGreen is the ultimate footing for every equestrian discipline and, unlike anything currently on the market, was formulated using natural ingredients, to create a consistent, high performance footing that can be delivered from multiple, strategically based manufacturing locations throughout North American and Europe to assure the exact same footing product to every end user, regardless of location.

Thanks to ArenaGreen the future of winning performance horse footing has arrived and the future of our planet wins, too. Learn more at or

Press release provided by Alexandra Carr


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