Prevent Horse Skin Conditions in Summer Heat

Newsdate: Tue, 21 Aug 2012 - 08:15 am
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Hot, humid weather during the summer months is prime time for equine skin conditions to occur as a result of fungus and bacteria. As horse owners are faced with these conditions that can spread rapidly in warmer weather, Equine America® offers Fungasol® skin and coat care products as an effective system that will help treat both fungal and bacterial skin conditions.

Protecting horse's skin during hot, humid weather

Protecting horse's skin during hot, humid weather

Equine America® Fungasol® treats both fungal and bacterial skin conditions in horses.

Use Fungasol products to help address a variety of skin conditions during the warm season:

  • Rain rot is a fungal condition that typically occurs on the back. Hair takes on a dull appearance, feels waxy to the touch, and breaks off easily in chunks. The dermatophilus congolensis bacteria which causes this condition thrives on and spreads via moisture, making sweaty backs under dirty saddle pads an ideal site for occurrence. 
  • Ringworm is caused by a fungus, rather than a worm. Although its appearance varies, the condition can generally be recognized by raised, round lesions that spread into an area of hair loss, which gradually expands into a larger and larger ring. The condition is extremely itchy as well as contagious to other horses.
  • Pastern Dermatitis, also known as “scratches”, is a condition that occurs on the back of the pasterns, on the heels, and can spread up the leg if left untreated. Scaly, crusty lesions that will sometimes ooze form on the skin and are very painful. Frequent moisture accumulation in and around the pasterns is usually the cause of this condition.
  • Girth itch comes as a result of sweaty tack, typically the girth, suffocating skin and allowing fungus to grow. This leads to bumps, itchiness, and irritation around the tack areas.

These, as well as other varieties of fungal and bacterial conditions affecting the skin, can be managed with the use of Equine America’s line of Fungasol products. Available in a shampoo, spray, and cream, Fungasol is specially formulated with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients. To fully treat skin conditions, a bath with Fungasol shampoo should be followed up with an application of the spray or cream.

Fungasol products are gentle on a horse’s sensitive skin. All three products are mild formulas which include tea tree oil. This not only helps treat fungal and bacterial conditions, but also soothes the skin.

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