ThinLine's Muzzle Offers a Game-Changing Option for Horse Owners: An Adjustable Grazing Hole

Sorrel horse grazing in a lush, green pasture.
Sorrel horse grazing in a lush, green pasture. Autumn's Memories

Newsdate: Wednesday, April 20, 2022 - 9:35 am
Location: DURHAM, North Carolina

Agriculture and farming practices have greatly improved and enhanced grass and hay quality for our beloved equine partners. With these upgrades, it is important to consider the nutritional differences and how they will impact horses’ digestion and metabolic conditions.

Horse wearing a Thinline Flexible Filly Muzzle.

Horse wearing a Thinline Flexible Filly Muzzle

ThinLine suggests monitoring the thickness and length of grass and using a smaller hole size for restricted grazing and a full-size hole for longer, thicker blades of grass.
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Some horses may require a muzzle to ensure optimal consumption during grazing season. ThinLine’s Flexible Filly Muzzle offers an adjustable grazing hole size. This feature allows horse owners to make custom changes to their muzzle for optimal horse happiness and health.  

Seasonal changes in grass height, softness, and width are correlated with how much grass a horse can eat through specific grazing hole sizes. In the spring the grass is shorter, softer, and full of sugar.

In the summer, the grass will likely be higher and thicker than it was in spring. Horses will need a larger hole to access the broader pieces of grass.

Similarly, in the fall, a muzzle with a smaller grazing hole may be necessary to allow your horse to get the proper amount of forage based on the seasonal size of the grass. 

Having two muzzles, one with a smaller hole size and one with a larger hole size is a great way to ensure the perfect bite of grass.   The ThinLine Muzzle breaks tradition. It is a new way to think about finding the perfect muzzle for your horse.

This muzzle comes in two grazing hole sizes, and either variation can be enlarged with a pair of scissors or a box cutter for a completely customizable option. ThinLine suggests having the best practice in place of monitoring the thickness and length of your grass and using a smaller hole size for restricted grazing on shorter, stubbier blades and a full-size hole for longer, thicker blades of grass.

This moderates the amount of grass your horse consumes without overeating while alleviating the annoyance of not being able to eat properly when the grass is at a less consumable length.  

As always, before making any changes to your horse’s routine, contact your veterinarian about your horse’s specific needs.

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Press release by Maggie Carty - Marketing Manager, ThinLine Global

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