Three UltraShield Products Can Help Protect Horses Against Ticks this Fall

Newsdate: Thu 25 September 2014 - 07:48 am
Location: EAST LONGMEADOW, Massachusetts

The autumn chill brings hope of an end to fly season – but not all pests will disappear with the summer. Ticks remain a menace to horses throughout the fall and into early winter, and they can pose a significant threat to equine health and well-being.

Horses susceptible to tick-borne diseases during fall

Horses susceptible to tick-borne diseases during fall

During the fall months ticks begin feeding on larger animals such as deer and horses and it is important that horses are protected, as ticks can carry the threat of Lyme Disease or Ehrlichiosis.

It’s important that horse owners continue to protect their animals through the cool months, and UltraShield® offers them three reliable options in tick control: UltraShield® EX, UltraShield® Red, and UltraShield® Green.

The life cycle of a tick puts horses at high risk for being bitten during the fall months, particularly in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. During the spring and summer, ticks are in the larval and nymph stages of life, and feed primarily on small mammals and birds.

It is during the fall months that they mature into adults, and begin feeding on larger animals, such as deer and horses. During this very active stage of development, it is important that horses are protected, as ticks can carry the threat of Lyme Disease or Ehrlichiosis.

Absorbine® offers three fly sprays for protection against ticks. UltraShield EX is designed for the most challenging conditions, staying active for up to 17 days. The weatherproof formula kills and repels deer ticks, brown dog ticks, and lone star ticks.

UltraShield Red is another option available for killing ticks. Its effective 24/7 protection with five active ingredients is ideal for turn-out and trail riding. UltraShield Green offers natural protection, in an eco-safe formula that effectively repels deer and dog ticks.

Continuing to apply any one of these UltraShield products throughout the fall season can help protect horses during a time when they are particularly vulnerable to tick activity. “We’d like to remind horse owners that although fly activity decreases in the cooler months, ticks still pose a serious threat to horses,” says Chris Jacobi, General Manager, Equine Division at Absorbine®.

“It is essential that an effective insect control program is maintained into the fall, and UltraShield products offer the protection horses need against ticks.”

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