Wildfire Victims Get Assistance from Science Supplements - Equine Nutrition Specialists for Respiratory Stress

Rescued horse with wild fire in background.
Rescued horse with wild fire in background. NBC - Provided to EquiMed by Science Supplements

Newsdate: September 17, 2020, 11:00 am
Location: GREENVILLE, South Carolina

As west coast fires are devastating communities, landscapes, and agriculture, Science Supplements wants to help in some way to offer support to our neighbors in the best way we know how.

Science Supplement RespirAid poster.

Science Supplement RespirAid poster

As west coast fires devastate communities, Science Supplements is offering horse caregivers a steep discount on equine respiratory products to help horses suffering from smoke and stress.
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To help support those horses suffering from smoke and stress of the wildfires, Science Supplements is offering 25% off of our Allergies, Immunity, & Respiratory products: ImmunAid, RespirAid, and Skin & Coat. A discount code of FireFight25 can be used at checkout for 25% off.  All products qualify for free shipping, and the discount will be available at minimum throughout the end of the 2020 wildfire season.

Along with the discount and free shipping, Science Supplements Nutritional Advisors, made up of veterinarians, PhDs, MS’s and other various equine degrees, have been available and actively assisting customers and horse owners throughout Oregon and California.

With bioavailable antioxidants, balanced levels of vitamins and minerals, carefully chosen amino acids, and high levels of anti-inflammatory support, these products are designed to help tissues repair and recover from chronic stress and irritation using researched, proven, trusted ingredient combinations.

RespirAid has been shown in clinical trials to reduce cough and nasal discharge, as well as normalize breathing effort and breathing rate in horses with chronic symptoms. Skin & Coat would be a good option for horses with mild respiratory issues but also poor-quality hoof, mane, tail, and coat, or who have skin sensitivity in addition to seasonal allergies. ImmunAid is a good choice for horses who already have overreactive immune systems or underperforming immune systems, chronic infections, slow healing wounds, chronic allergic symptoms, and who are now dealing with respiratory problems in addition.

Science Supplements is also requesting followers on Social Media to comment and share known farms and locations willing to assist and take in displaced horses and families during these harsh times.

See our full line of products and learn more about our company and staff at www.ScienceSupplements.com and visit our Facebook page Science Supplements - USA to see current research and equine news.  For nutrition questions, call our Toll Free Nutrition Hotline at (844) SCI-SUPP (724-7877) or email our Head of Nutrition at JM@ScienceSupplements.com.

Press release by Ryan Mulligan, General Manager - Science Supplements, Inc

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