Acepromazine - A rapid-acting tranquilizer.Crystalloids are water-based solutions of mineral and other water soluble salts used in intravenous fluid replacement to replace lost water and electrolytes due to dehydration, to support blood pressure, and, in some cases, to replace blood volume in circumstances of shock or blood loss.


Permethrin, an insecticide similar to pyrethrin. Learn about Permethrin which is used as an external insecticide either in sprays, wipes, or spot-ons that may be applied directly to the animal, or in more concentrated formulations used as a spray on barn and stable premises.


Importance of Biotin in your horse's diet. Learn why Biotin supplementation is sometimes important in your horse's diet for the production of keratin - the protein in both hair and hooves and the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential components of healthy skin.


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