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  • An equine dentist floating a horse's teeth.

    Equine Dentistry - Floating Fundamentals

    Learn about the signs of dental problems and why regular exams and floating of teeth are necessary for equine health.

  • Veterinarian examining horse's teeth.

    Good Feeding Strategies for Your Dentally Challenged Horse

    Learn about the 5 feeding strategies that will help keep your dentally challenged horse healthy and content and why special treatment is often necessary, especially for older horses.

  • Laughing foal with healthy teeth shows why making horse dental health a priority is important.

    Your Horse's Mouth and Teeth - Why It Is Important To Have Your Horse Say Ahhhhh! Routinely

    With dental care as a priority, horses are physically more comfortable and utilize feed more efficiently which helps them to perform better and may also lead to longer, healthier lives.

  • Horse's teeth showing how an infection leads to an abscess affecting the horse's mouth and teeth

    Dental Abscesses in Horses

    Horses do not usually develop cavities in their teeth. Instead, dental infections usually begin at the root of the tooth and are often preceded by gum infection which leads to an abscess.

  • A small wolf tooth set close to the 2nd premolar on the palatal aspect in a horse.

    Wolf Teeth in Horses

    Although the mention of wolf teeth may bring visions of werewolf fangs, wolf teeth in horses are drastically different. Learn about these troublesome teeth and how to spot them in your horse.

  • Equine dentist examining a horse's teeth.

    Equine Dentist Laws by State

    Requirements for equine dentists and technicians vary from state to state. Learn the requirements in your state.

  • Your selected equine dentist is a core member of your equine's healthcare team.

    Finding and Scheduling an Equine Dentist

    An equine dentist is an important part of your horse's healthcare team. In most cases, your veterinarian will be trained to take care of dental issues, but if not, use these tips to find a good equine dentist your horse's dental care .

  • Equine dentist using a full mouth speculum to examine a horse's mouth and float teeth.

    The Four Categories of Equine Dental Care

    Unlike people, horses don't usually get cavities, but they do get tartar build up and periodontal diseases. Learn about the importance of regular floatings and dental procedures for horses to help your horse maintain a healthy mouth.