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  • Sidewinder movement of snake similar to gait movement of horse with sidewinder syndrome.

    Sidewinder Syndrome in Horses

    Sidewinder is a term describing a neurologic older horse with a sudden alteration in gait causing the hindquarters of the horse to list to one side when the horse walks.

  • Horse trotting out during lameness check.

    Tips for Pinpointing Lameness - Which Leg is Lame and Why?

    By checking horses' feet and legs daily - during grooming, before and after a ride, and the day after a hard workout - lameness will be apparent at an early stage.

  • Horse with good neck conformation for dressage.

    Horse Conformation - Head, Neck and Shoulders

    Conformation of the head and shoulders of your horse is discussed in this article, second in the series by noted author Heather Smith Thomas.

  • Importance of never ignoring signs of lameness.

    Limping Horse? Assessing and Treating Lameness in Your Horse

    The anatomy of the equine with fine legs and a large body puts the horse in a precarious position, and, as a horse owner, taking prompt action when any signs of lameness occur save time and money and possibly your horse's life.

  • Importance of well-balanced conformation in the horse.

    Horse Conformation as a Whole: Can He Do the Job?

    This series of five articles on equine conformation will be of great help when selecting a horse for the job you want done. A horse with well-balanced conformation can do nearly any job reasonably well.

  • Importance of hind leg conformation in the show jumping horse

    Importance of Proper Hind Leg Conformation

    Learn how the conformation of the hind legs of your horse affects both soundness and athletic ability as discussed in this article, the fourth in the series of articles on horse conformation, by noted author Heather Smith Thomas.

  • Showing conformation of horse's legs in motion.

    Importance of Correct Front Leg Conformation

    Conformation of the front legs of your horse is discussed in this article, third in the series by noted author Heather Smith Thomas.

  • The strong musculature on the rear of a barrel racing horse.

    The Importance of Conformation When Selecting A Horse

    A horse is a horse - I think not! Learn how conformation differs among various types of horses that are breed for different types of activities. Selecting the right breed for your equine interests should be your goal.

  • Sunset at the beach - A great time to ride, but beware.

    The Dangers of Riding Your Horse in Deep Sand

    Learn about the dangers of riding or conditioning your horse in deep sand. Avoid the strains, stresses and fatigue that come from riding in deep sand.

  • Watching a horse walk away as a help in analyzing conformation

    Judging Horse Leg Conformation

    Judging a horse's conformation takes careful study and knowledge of horse anatomy. Because of their importance to the performance and soundness of a horse, the legs are the major area of focus in judging conformation.