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The joy of riding well-trained horses on the beach on a summer day.
The joy of riding well-trained horses on the beach on a summer day. Ed Dunens

Newsdate: Thursday, June 4, 2020 – 11:30 am
Location: APTOS, California

Are you interested in discovering more about equine behavior and how horses think, learn and perceive their world?

Woman getting in touch with her horse.

Woman getting in touch with her horse

Discover how horses think and learn and how they view their environment by learning about them through the Foundation's publications, consultations or horse training clinics.
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Do you want to know more about care and management based on what's best for the horse? Do you want to improve a horse's well-being? The nonprofit Equine Research Foundation has the information you're looking for.

Equine learning, cognition and perception has been the focus of the Equine Research Foundation's scientific studies since 1992.

Using methods based on positive reinforcement, the Foundation has conducted many research projects that have helped scientists as well as the general public better understand the nature of the horse, why it behaves as it does, and how to best train and handle horses using a positive approach.

Discover how horses think and learn and how they view their environment by learning as much as possible about them through the Foundation's publications, consultations or horse training clinics.

Use this knowledge to create trust, establish strong bonds, form willing partnerships, and train using gentle methods horses understand. Learn about the Foundation's alternative horse training methods, which are based on equine behavior, eclectic horsemanship, and positive reinforcement.

The nonprofit Equine Research Foundation is all about:

  • Horse Training Clinics
  • Consultation - Horse Behavior and Training
  • Advancing Knowledge About Horses Through Experience and Education
  • Helping Horses and Humans
  • Improving Equine Welfare
  • Offering Tax Deductions & Helping You To Do Good

Are you:

  • Dreaming of having the perfect horse?
  • Wanting to develop excellent relationships and strong bonds with horses?
  • Desiring to do more with your horse than you have ever done before?
  • Hoping that your horse will truly want to be with you and follow you at liberty, anytime, anywhere?
  • Wishing for a safe, trustworthy horse that responds to your lightest cues?
  • Striving to understand how the horse's mind works and to use this knowledge to excel in horsemanship and training?
  • Thinking of buying a horse but do not know enough about them?
  • Been riding for years but still want to expand your skills and knowledge?
  • Having problems with your horse that need to be worked through, including those involving respect for your space?
  • Simply fascinated by horses and wanting to learn more?

Read on for detailed information about the Foundation's positive reinforcement clinics, consultations, purposes and tax deductions.

Visit our horsemanship pictures and our horse research pictures pages for photos of activities, public programs and projects at the Equine Research Foundation. These photos provide a sampling of our past and recent daily activities. Also, see what people say about their experiences with the Foundation.

Horse Training Clinics

The Equine Research Foundation offers off-site positive reinforcement horse training clinics within the western states.

Horses learn through both positive and negative reinforcement. Through negative reinforcement (still today a horse training standard) a horse performs an action in order to avoid something unpleasant, such as moving away from pressure. Through positive reinforcement, a horse learns to perform a behavior in order to receive something he desires, such as food, stroking, or praise. The horse becomes an active participant, eagerly seeking out the right answer. Dull horses brighten, sour horses turn sweet, and the underachiever suddenly moves to the head of the class.

Our PR clinics last for three days but can be custom-tailored to meet your needs.

Our horse training clinics are for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to train your horse to perform all sorts of useful and fun behaviors using positive reinforcement
  • Create a trusting, willing partnership with your horse
  • Desensitize your horse to strange or scary objects or situations
  • Eliminate unwanted behaviors
  • Develop the skills to remain relaxed and calm and keep your horse relaxed and calm during training and handling

Clinics are conducted by Dr. Evelyn B. Hanggi and Jerry Ingersoll, co-founders of the Equine Research Foundation. Minimum number of participants is 12, maximum is 15, which ensures a lot of individual attention.

For more information about our off-site clinics, or if you wish to host or promote one of our PR clinics in your area, please call (831) 662-9577 or contact us online.

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