Five Arabian Horses Disappear

Newsdate: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 - 02:03 am
Location: ELBERT COUNTY, Colorado

 An Elbert County woman says a thief took advantage of the thick fog overnight and made off with five of her beloved Arabian horses on Sunday night.

When she heard her stallions screaming, Stephanie Wind went outside to see what was causing the commotion and noticed that the stallions were still in their pens and the mares were milling around.

Because of the cold and fog, Wind went back inside, but when she went out Monday morning to feed her horses, she noticed three mares and two foals missing and her front gate wide open.

Wind said she called the sheriff’s office to report the missing horses and told them her gate was left open.

Wind believes there may be a link between the disappearance of her horses and some cyberbullying.

Two hours after Wind reported her horses missing, the sheriff’s office received a call from a woman who told them there were five horses in her front yard.

Wind drove to the woman’s house on Shiloh Court. She said the woman told her she heard a banging noise overnight and some voices, but thought her neighbor was just yelling at his dog.

Wind said she was able to retrieve one of the mares and a foal from the woman’s yard, but the other three, frightened by dogs, got away.

They ran down the road then broke for the open field.

Wind got back in her truck and drove home.

A few minutes later, she noticed her two mares and the foal come running toward her over the hill. The horses ran up to the water tank, took a few gulps then walked up to Wind, who gave them some oats.

Now she’s left to wonder who took her horses and whether or not it was just a prank.

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