Horse Experts Weigh In on the Effects of Fear on Training

Impact of horse's fear on training.
Impact of horse's fear on training.

Equitopia’s latest video: “Training Without Fear” features a renowned horse trainer, a veterinary specialist in neurology and an expert in equine behavior as it explores the physiological and psychological impact of fear on a horse’s capacity to be trained.

A fearful angry horse

A fearful angry horse

New video raises the question of whether a horse can learn if it is afraid and explores the impact of fear on a horse’s capacity to be trained.

The video raises the question of whether a horse can learn if it is afraid to three horse experts including legendary horse trainer John Lyons who weighs in on optimal mental states when training and discusses how to avoid heightened states of arousal.

Director of the Comparative Neurology Research Group at University of California at Davis, John Madigan DVM, MS. DACVIM, DACAWdiscusses what part of the brain is affected by stress, the hormonal consequence of stress, and when learning becomes virtually impossible.

Certified Equine Behavior Consultant Jody Ambrose shows how to recognize subtle signs of fear and how to increase the horse’s ability to process scary objects.

Equitopia Offers Complimentary Video on Topic. Available at, the “Training Without Fear” video is produced by Equitopia Center in keeping with the nonprofit’s mission to provide free online and classroom education to expand universal knowledge about horses, and to teach better understanding of how to work in harmony with equine partners.

Equitopia’s vision is to positively impact the lives of horses and their humans by providing a non-judgmental, supportive learning environment that delivers tangible results for its participants.

By the careful selection of industry professionals and supportive services, that agree with the basic guidelines for the care and welfare of horses and humans, Equitopia strives to become a groundbreaking leader in promoting a “Whole Horse and Rider” wellness and training program.

In addition, Equitopia raises funds to help with the rescue, rehab and re-homing of sport horses deemed dangerous or suffering from undiagnosed physical problems and, as a result, are for sale or discarded. Scholarships are available to those struck by financial hardship who are struggling to care for their horses.

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