Horse Health Series: The 411 on Vaccines

Veterinarian vaccinating a horse.
Veterinarian vaccinating a horse. Karin Belgrave

Newsdate: Thursday January 26, 2023 -1100 am
Location: UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of basic horse care and health? Then join us for the Horse Health Series geared toward owners and caretakers, covering various topics to keep your horse happy and healthy! The Horse Health: The 411 on Vaccines webinar will review everything you need to know about vaccinating your horse.

Syringes for use in vaccinations.

Syringes for use in vaccinations

Learn about the vaccines your horse may need, how often to update the vaccines, and more!
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When: Thu., Jan. 26, 2023
 (7:00 PM - 8:00 PM ET

Whether you are just getting into the horse world or have owned horses for years, this series will provide valuable information to improve care of your horse.

Length: 1 hour -  Cost $5.00

Who is this for?

  • Horse Owners and Caretakers
  • Prospective Horse Owners

What will you learn?

  • Core Vaccines for Horses
  • Additional Vaccines for Traveling Horses
  • When to Get Horses Vaccinated
  • How Often Horse Vaccines Need Updated

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 Registrants will also receive access to the webinar recording.

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