Lukas, World's Smartest Horse, To Go for New Record

Newsdate: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 - 08:58 am
Location: WALNUT CREEK, California

Lukas, The World’s Smartest Horse (according to the World Records Academy) and current Guinness World Record Holder (“Most numbers identified by a horse in one minute: 19”), has applied for a momentous feat: “Most tricks performed by one horse”.

Lukas, an ex-racer and former rescue, has long been recognized as an ambassador for those needing second chances. He and his best friend, Karen Murdock, donate their time and services to show how wonderful and smart animals are and to demonstrate the benefits of kind training.

Lukas, a popular sight on NBC, ABC, CBS, HLN, CNN, Inside Edition, Time Warner and countless magazines and newspapers, gladly and eagerly shares his message of hope and happiness for all creatures. The “Million Hit Horse” also has an award-winning documentary attesting to the spirit and love of animals that includes footage of his most recent Guinness record achievement:

Tricks to be included in Lukas’ next Guinness attempt (pending approval) will cover a wide variety of his talents for a fun and unique glimpse into horse cognition and emotions: everything from smiling, catching, identifying shapes and comprehending absentness to the Spanish Walk and rear for a spectacular and unforgettable demonstration.

As always, Lukas performs at liberty (free) without the use of any equipment whatsoever (yes, that means no halter or whip!). His attempt will be dedicated to the Equine Welfare Alliance ( where Lukas has been honored as the first four-legged member. The E.W.A. is an international non- profit organization that focuses on horse welfare and preservation efforts.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.  Nelson Mandela


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