#Sequestrians, Monty Roberts Offers Free Help to Horse Owners

Monty Roberts discussing horse care with Queen Elizabeth
Monty Roberts discussing horse care with Queen Elizabeth Monty and Pat Roberts

Newsdate: Monday, April 6, 2020 – 7:30 am
Location: SOLVANG, California

While creating videos for students of horsemanship who are sequestered for the time being, Monty Roberts was touched by the emails and posts on social media from horse lovers needing training tips and help with their horses.

Monty Roberts with two mustangs.

Monty Roberts with two mustangs

Making the world a better place for horses and people, Monty shares a free link to Online University with unlimited access to videos, lessons, notes, questions, and data base of questions and answers.
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In these extraordinary times, and with a mission statement of leaving the world a better place for horses and people too, Monty asked his team to share a free link to his Online University for two months, with unlimited access to over 600 videos lessons, notes, challenge questions, a forum and a searchable data base of hundreds of questions and answers.

Go to www.MontyRobertsUniversity.com/promotions/Corona2020

While sequestered indoors, equestrians can catch up on video lessons from trusted horse trainers. Monty Roberts Online University has 608 video lessons to catch up on, to date. Challenge yourself to go beyond the 'How To' level of online video lessons and look into the reasons why horses respond to training methods.

Those equestrians who train from the horse's vantage, rather than blindly duplicating the traditional methodologies, have the advantage of creating a trusting partnership with their horse rather than a blind obedience.

Launched nearly ten years ago in 2009, Monty Roberts and his team developed the first of its kind Online University; an interactive online lesson site that is considered the most effective educational tool for horsemen on the web.  

It is established now that this the learning system is the most comprehensive globally in horsemanship.

It was important to Roberts to not only quantify the language of the horses he calls Equus, but also to share its interpretation with lessons from world renowned horse persons such as Stefan Peters and Jan Ebeling from dressage, Will Simpson from Olympic jumping and Phillip Ralls and Richard Winters from Western Reining. 
Since launching, Monty Roberts, Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) and many more have contributed their knowledge of horsemanship. 

"Considered a rosetta stone for horse communication, one of gestures like signing for the deaf, online lessons are available 24/7 have contributed greatly to the encouragement and study of non-violent training of horses.” said Roberts. He wants the global impact to spread in his lifetime and encourages interested persons to log on and have a free look around.

Another great way to read and learn about the nature of horses, and how to train them, is by reading other horse lover’s questions and a bank of tried and true answers. There is an free archive of 804 reader’s questions and Monty Roberts’ answers compiled since 2004 in a searchable data base, updated weekly.

Monty's horse training videos demonstrate communication through horse training techniques that the amateur and professional alike consider to be the trainable skills of a horse gentler. Monty's horse training techniques are non violent with intelligent natural horsemanship.

“I communicate with a horse in what I call the Language of Equus; a silent language of gestures that is discernible, predictable and effective. Now you can learn from my videos, audio and notes to help you understand the horse as I do. This language is really quite simple, but simplicity becomes its greatest strength.”

Monty has helped thousands of people globally through his Monty Roberts Online Videos to learn how to Join-Up with horses, training young horses, spooky horses, horses that bite.

Join-Up methods help horse and trainer establish a bond of communication and trust. “You must somehow understand that we as horsemen can do very little to teach the horse. What we can do is to create an environment in which he can learn.”

Monty has taught thousands of people worldwide how to build trust in animals through our actions and body language.

Press release provided by Debbie Loucks - Monty and Pat Roberts, Inc.

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