AAEP Releases Guidelines

Newsdate: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 - 09:07 am
Location: LEXINGTON, Kentucky

 Guidelines for Retraining Thoroughbred Racehorses has been released by AAEP. The document includes considerations for potential health issues and the costs involved.

The developed guidelines are designed to help veterinarians and adoption groups successfully transition retired racehorses to new homes and new careers.

Guidelines for Equine Practitioners, Adoption Organizations and Horse Owners” provides an overview of the common physical challenges affecting some former racehorses and helps establish expectations for a horse’s future capabilities.

Developed by the Transitioning Subcommittee of the AAEP Racing Committee, the guidelines grew from a need expressed by rescue and retirement organizations at the 2010 Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit. In addition to criteria for physical assessments, the guidelines include estimated cost-of-care data from CANTER, a non-profit organization that provides retiring Thoroughbred racehorses with opportunities for new careers.

“The AAEP is pleased to assist and is proud of the many veterinarians and adoption groups who are committed to helping racehorses enjoy new careers,” said William A. Moyer, DVM, 2011 AAEP president. “The guide is intended to be a resource to enhance decision making in the best interest of the horse.”

The document can be viewed at the AAEP web site.

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