BioHarp Helps Determine Inflammation

Newsdate: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 - 08:38 am
Location: SUNVALLEY, California

The BioHarp is a cutting-edge medical imaging device that utilizes a non-invasive approach to detect inflammation on a cellular level. The device uses a complex scanning program that deciphers inflammation in the body’s organs through a bio-sensory system which allows early detection and diagnosis of potentially life-threatening diseases. The BioHarp can be used as a preventative measure against catastrophic diseases by assisting in early diagnosis.

Through a course of a 5-10 minute full body scan with the BIOHARP, a professionally trained user can pinpoint areas of cellular inflammation. The BioHarp introduces a revolutionary method for diagnosis. The BioHarp measures the biological and pathological signals at the cellular level through cellular signaling detection. This signaling is calibrated by the BioHarp based on readings correlated to cellular inflammation as opposed to healthy cellular activity in the body, to detect and distinguish non-healthy states.

Unlike CT scans, MRI’s and other similar testing methods, the BioHarp is non-invasive and requires no special dyes or agents placed within the body, nor any special precations required. As all cells by nature emit some level of inflammation, the BioHarp reads and interprets this inflammation on a cellular level by virtue of a complex nano bio-sensor, thereby allowing for the body to "tell" the person operating the BioHarp where the inflammation is registering at an elevated level.

Horses typically incur a myriad of training issues from tendon inflammation and other nagging areas that can cause trainers and owners to become frustrated. Once the BioHarp Program is used after each workout or on a weekly regimen, owners and trainers can actually determine the areas of inflammation, which can be used as a guid to prevention or treatment, thereby preventing the further sidelining of their investment.

Our goal at XTend is to implement the BioHarp Program at racetracks throughout the world wherein a Certified BioHarp Technician can work closely with both trainers and owners to develop a proper schedule of scans thereby assisting in keeping their horse running and making money.

For the everyday horse owner, utilizing the BioHarp Program could prevent older horses from developing nagging injuries thereby allowing the veterinarian to take preventive measures to keep the horse healthy.

For the local veterinarians that treat the casual horseman’s animal, the BioHarp Program will allow them another tool in their arsenal that can be used to prevent the progression to more serious injuries, thus enabling a better quality of life for the animal.

Imagine owning a stable of horses, where under the physical demands of training to prepare each horse for their race sudden inflammatioin arises in a in a number of problem areas that instead sideline the horses in active training for a month. Not the best scenario for the trainer, and especially the owner. Race horses usually run every three weeks so it’s important for them to be able to earn purses in order for everyone to survive.

Developers of BioHarp technology see the use of the BioHarp as a great medical advance for both horses and humans.

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