Emaciated Animals Seized in Idaho

Newsdate: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 - 08:00 am
Location: SALMON, Idaho

Describing the scene as one of the worst in their memory, animal welfare workers and authorities seized nearly 100 emaciated and dehydrated animals from a ranch near Boise, Idaho, after Sheriff's deputies and state Department of Agriculture officials declared the condition of the animals too dire to delay.

The seizure by the Idaho Humane Society included 30 horses, 20 goats, 18 sheep, 13 llamas, 10 pigs and one cow. 

According to Patricia Vance, director of shelter operations for the Idaho Human Society,  "Some of these animals are as bad as they can get, I'd say close to dealth." 

Veterinarians euthanized a young horse and a young goat because of their extreme suffering, and the fate of many of the sicker animals hung in the balance with veterinarians doing the best they could to relieve suffering and sustain the animals.

Idaho Humane Society officals hope to rehabilitate as many of the animals as possible.

Payette County Prosecutor, Anne Marie Kelso is waiting for investigative documents to review.  Sheriff's officers said animal cruelty charges will be filed as soon as they identify the owners of the livestock.

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