Farriers Promote Excellence in Hoof Care

Newsdate: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 - 01:00 pm
Location: LEXINGTON, Kentucky

Since 1971, the American Farrier’s Association™ (AFA) has focused on improving equine welfare through excellence in hoof care and farriery. Educating farriers in the art and science of farriery has been central to this goal.

By expanding knowledge and honing skills through the AFA’s education and certification programs, AFA farriers provide better, more professional services to horses and the people who use and enjoy them.

The AFA, through its dedicated members, provides grounded information and support for farriers, equine professionals, and equine enthusiasts at all levels. Join our quest for excellence in hoof care!

The success of our association clearly has to do with the nature of our community. We’ve got a community of wonderful people focused on excellent farriery, people committed to building on our tenets of education, communication, research, certification, and innovation.

But we’ve also got a sense of fellowship and community that shares and builds together. People who realize that all of this happens because of loyalty, volunteerism, and sponsorship.

It’s simple to find hoofcare information, but difficult to find information you can trust. Constantly building upon five basic tenets—Education, Certification, Communication, Research, and Innovation—the AFA provides reliable and trusted resources and support for the equine community.

About the Author

Flossie Sellers

As an animal lover since childhood, Flossie was delighted when Mark, the CEO and developer of EquiMed asked her to join his team of contributors.

She enrolled in My Horse University at Michigan State and completed a number of courses in everything related to horse health, nutrition, diseases and conditions, medications, hoof and dental care, barn safety, and first aid.

Staying  up-to-date on the latest developments in horse care and equine health is now a habit, and she enjoys sharing a wealth of information with horse owners everywhere..