Horse Recovers from 70% Burns

Newsdate: Mon, 16 May 2011 - 05:05 pm
Location: NEW BOLTON, Pennsylvania

Suki, an 11-year-old Oldenburg mare, suffered horrendous injuries in 2009 after she was trapped in a stable fire.The fire happened in Pennsylvania in the stables where Suki was housed.

Fire-fighters managed to free Suki and four other horses. However, when Suki ran away her back was on fire. When fire fighters reached her, such was the extent of her injuries, they feared she was dead. 

Suffering 70% burns her owner, Fran Wade, feared the worst. However, after two years of skin grafts Suki has finally got her coat back.

Luckily Suki survived the immediate fire but was by no means out of the woods. Vets, howeve,r thought she had a chance and decided to do all they could to save her.

Suki was taken to a specialist center in New Bolton, where she received treatment costing over $18,000. After two years of treatments, Suki has regained her coat and is now an inspiration to children who have suffered burns.

Although Suki's owner may never be able to ride her again, she is happy to have her horse alive and well, and serving as an inspiration to other burn victims.

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