Intrauterine Device for Mares Developed by Veterinarian

Pregnant white mare having a run in an autumn pasture.
Pregnant white mare having a run in an autumn pasture. Anastasija Popova

Newsdate: Wednesday, November 15, 2023 – 11:30 am
Location: AMHERST, Massachusetts

As explained by veterinarian Carlos Gradil, College of Natural Sciences Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, this intrauterine device for mares helps change care of mares by making a difference in the demeanor of the mare during estrus cycles.

Palomino mare showing irritation by pinned ears.

Palomino mare showing irritation by pinned ears.

This intrauterine device for mares helps change care of mares by making a difference in their demeanor during estrus cycles.
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Dr. Carlos Gradil invented this intrauterine device for horses who experience extreme symptoms during their heat cycle. This device is safer than oral hormone administration for human handlers or other devices that pose health risks to the horses. Like other intrauterine devices, the Pearl Pod works by simulating pregnancy. “This IUD gives that signal to the mare, and she believes she is pregnant,” he says.

I was asked to mitigate the strong estrus behavior of a chestnut Warmblood x Arabian mare, as the mare posed a risk to young riders. The request prompted the idea of iUPODS, which have the potential to change both mare care and women reproductive health. The horse and the rider truly represent the concept of One Health.

Information for Mare Owners

iUPOD® is a unique frameless IUD that configures and conforms to an equid’s uterus for easy insertion and with minimal risk of perforation or pain.  This safe, effective IUD has no strings and is easy to remove.  The iUPOD® ergonomics have nothing to do with the dated T-shape and frame/coil designs and associated problems of current IUDs offered for humans.

This simple device can make a difference to the demeanor of your mare during difficult times associated with estrus periods. However, iUPOD® is not appropriate for every mare. Share the mare reproductive health history with your veterinarian before placement of the device. This product is not recommended for mares with an unhealthy reproductive tract. Only you and your veterinarian can decide if an iUPOD® is right for your mare! iUPOD® should be inserted only by a licensed veterinarian. iUPOD® should not be used as a contraceptive in domestic equids.

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