Introduction to Herbs and Foods in the Horse; An Online Course

Horses: Different ages; different needs.
Horses: Different ages; different needs. Dace Kirspile

Newsdate: Friday, August 16, 2019, 9:30 am
Location: JONESVILLE, North Carolina

As a horse owner, do you find yourself struggling to determine which supplement may be right for your horse to assist with a lameness, health condition, or just enhanced performance? 

One size doesn't fit all with horses.

One size doesn't fit all with horses

When it comes to nutrition supplementation for horses, patterns are often readily apparent and through a better understanding, you can choose your 'weapons' more appropriately.
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Do you find yourself jumping from one supplement to the next, either due to a lack of efficacy in that supplement helping your horse or due to the influence of another trend in the industry?

Do you find yourself struggling to manage a lameness, metabolic issues, or other health condition, despite your best efforts?

A better solution lies in understanding that each horse is different and that no matter how two horses present, having similar external conditions, the pathway that led to the development of those issues is likely different in your horse than the other.

This is what creates the lack of efficacy in supplementation when we generically prescribe them to a horse.  It really becomes a game of chance, if you don't dig deeper and see the underlying problem.

While this may seem complicated to many owners, the patterns present are often readily apparent and through a better understanding, you can choose your 'weapons' more appropriately and with that, enhance the results.

Tom Schell, D.V.M, CVCH, CHN of Nouvelle Research, Inc., has put together an in-depth online course on alternative medicine and theories in the horse, called 'Introduction to Herbs and Foods in the Horse".

In this online course, Dr. Schell reviews in detail:

  1. Introduction to herbs and whole foods
  2. The digestive system and why it's important
  3. Alternative medicine theories (Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  4. Application of pattern recognition in the horse
  5. Energies and applications of Foods and Herbs in the horse

This course is available over a 4-week period with intermittent quizzes and a final examination to test your understanding and approaches.  A certificate of completion is also available for all students that pass the course.

Please visit the course listing at: 

To inquire further, please contact Dr. Tom Schell via email at

Nouvelle Research, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Cur-OST line of curcumin based equine supplements that target the inflammatory response.  Dr. Tom Schell has been an avid researcher of inflammation, applying and conducting research with the goal of developing new options to help maintain health in the horse.  For more information please visit our website at or by calling 1-800-476-4702.

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