List of Plants Poisonous to Animals

Newsdate: Tue, 10 May 2011 - 11:24 am
Location: ITHACA, New York

On their web site, the Veterinary Medicine Department at Cornell University has a list of plants that are poisonous to animals including horses. This is a growing reference that includes plant images, pictures of affected animals and presentations concerning the botany, chemistry, toxicology, diagnosis and prevention of poisoning of animals by plants and other natural flora (fungi, etc.).

IMPORTANT:Just because something is on the poisonous plants list doesn't mean it can't be a good food or feed, and just because it is absent from the list doesn't mean it is safe!

Many original images were provided by Dr. Mary C. Smith of the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. Additional images, text and web pages by Dan Brown and staff. The students of Nutritional Toxicology (Animal Science 625) have also made large contributions through web pages created as term projects. The frequently asked questions is a compilation of some of the questions we have received via email over the years.

These pages are maintained by the Animal Science Department at Cornell University as a reference only.

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