Low Cost Gelding Clinic Coming to California March and April 2014

Newsdate: Mon 10 March 2014 – 7:15 am
Location: ENCINITAS, California

The National Equine Resource Network (NERN) in continuing their National Gelding Clinic Pilot Program. Last year, they offered low-cost gelding clinics at several California locations in March and April. They have just begun announcing the dates and locations for 2014 Clinics in California, with more to be announced later.

NERN in action at clinic

NERN in action at clinic

NERN has begun announcing the dates and locations for the 2014 Low Cost Gelding Clinics in California, with more to be announced later and the first clinics to be held on March 15 and 16, 2014.
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Generally, rescues and sanctuaries operate on a very tight budget, barely making ends meet. Any unexpected expense can push their already stretched dollars to the breaking point. This program will help existing (or pending) 501c3 equine welfare organizations that demonstrate a need, to bridge the gap. In turn, this will help horse owners keep horse ownership costs down.

With fewer homes available for horses, it is critical that we work to reduce population growth. NERN is helping to reduce the surplus horse population by providing funding for gelding programs.

Upcoming Low Cost Gelding Clinics:

      Date                        Location                                       Fee

  • March 15–16        Petaluma, CA (cryptorchids* only)   $250
  • March 28             King City, CA                                  $75
  • March 30             Red Bluff, CA                                  $75
  • April 12               Modesto, CA                                   $75
  • April 26               Oakdale, CA                                    $75

* cryptorchids - a horse with one or more testes that have failed to descend normally.

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