New Film on Plight of Wild Horses

Newsdate: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 - 08:43 am
Location: MISSOULA, Montana

The focal point of a new film that captures the brutality of the Bueau of Land Management wild horse roundups is the story of a stallion called Traveler and his journey from being a proud wild stallion to becoming an inmate at BLM processing center in Colorado.

This new 95-minute film, "Wild Horses & Renegades" will premiere at the International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana, on May 12.

The full-length documentary and U2 music video by director James Anaquad-Kleinert focuses attention on wild horse management issues.

The bureau now has more than 40,000 horses in captivity - more than exist on the western rangelands.

Director James Anaquad-Kleinert said: "The federal attack on the American wild horse is an indicator of what is to come of our public natural resources."

The documentary argues that the corporate benefits of wild horse roundups include clearing land for uranium mining claims, oil and gas pipelines and corporate cattle grazing, and that big corporations and politicians are running the BLM to their advantage without any consideration for the public or the horses.

Michael Blake, author of "Dances with Wolves" says in the documentary: "If the public could view what's being done to wild horses, the public would stand up and take action. This is not a film just about America's Wild Horses, this is a film about what is happening to America itself."

Anaquad-Kleinert is offering the film as a tool to spark support for an executive order ending Bureau of Land Management wild horse roundups and a congressional investigation into the Department of the Interior.

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