Recognizing the Importance of Farriers

Newsdate: Wed, 18 May 2011 - 02:44 pm
Location: BROOKFIELD, Massachusetts

American Farriers Journal is proud to sponsor the 13th consecutive National Farriers Week. Running from July 10-16, 2011, this week recognizes the significant contributions farriers make to the equine community.

Regardless of whether your horse is a prized jumper, speedy barrel racer or steadfast backyard companion, you know the importance of a farrier to its well-being. That’s the reason why American Farriers Journal launched National Farriers Week in 1999. We think it is important for horse owners, trainers, riders, grooms and others in the equine community to say thanks for all of the terrific work farriers do throughout the year.

National Farriers Week occurs during the busiest season for farriers, where a little recognition and reinforcement could go a long way.

“Being a farrier goes far beyond normal hoof care and it is hard, yet rewarding work,” says Frank Lessiter, editor and publisher of American Farriers Journal. “Through National Farriers Week, we want to remind the entire equine community — especially horse owners — that horseshoers do so much more than normal trimming and shoeing, all while sacrificing their bodies and often under less than ideal circumstances.

“It’s when the long shoeing days are piling up and they’ve gone weeks without a day off that farriers most need a pat on the back. We think it’s important for horse owners to understand that when farriers say they are in this ‘for the good of the horse’ they mean it. It’s much more than a slogan.”

Farriers wear many hats in their daily work. Not only do they perform normal shoeing and trimmings, they also find themselves serving as consultants to horse owners, answering questions and giving advice on everything from feed, to bridles, to veterinarian recommendations.

They work in both the elements of frigid winters and scorching summers. They sacrifice their bodies and health for the labor, all while trying to avoid the many dangerous situations the job entails. Good shoers are always working diligently to improve their footcare knowledge through study and clinics, as they strive to become better professionals.

A certificate for National Farriers week is posted on the American Farriers Journal website: (download at

Horse owners can download and personalize the certificate and present it to their farrier during National Farriers Week — maybe along with a cold soda, a dozen freshly-baked cookies, a gift card, a nice handwritten note or some other gestures of appreciation for all he or she does for horses.

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