Horse Politics

  • BLM Doubles Down on Wild Horse Helicopter Roundups

    The Bureau of Land Management is poised to continue its costly, cruel and inhumane helicopter roundups of wild horses and burros in 2014, according to contracts timidly released at 4:33 PM ET last Friday, January 31.

    Flossie Sellers - February 4, 2014 09:18

  • BLM Ignores Public Comments on Protection of Wild Horses

    “The public overwhelmingly supports wild horse protection, but, the BLM is taking its marching orders from the Rock Springs Grazing Association, whose members view mustangs as competition for cheap, tax-subsidized livestock grazing on public lands.”.

    Flossie Sellers - January 13, 2014 11:44

  • AAEP Applauds Passage of Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act

    Veterinarians who travel to their patients are now closer to having the complete ability to transport and administer controlled substances to provide pain management, anesthesia or euthanasia.

    Flossie Sellers - January 11, 2014 08:36

  • Horse Advocates Support Ag Bill Coming Up January 2014

    A bill coming before the US Congress in January 2014 by the House and Senate Agriculture Appropriations committee includes language barring the U.S. Department of Agriculture from funding inspections at horse slaughter plants.

    Flossie Sellers - December 26, 2013 09:35

  • APHIS Releases Latest Actions Related to Horse Protection Act

    As part of its effort to make its actions transparent and accessible to the public, APHIS is highlighting enforcement actions taken in response to violations of the Horse Protection Act.

    Flossie Sellers - December 20, 2013 13:47

  • Priscilla Presley Urges Congress to Pass Horse Soring Bill

    Priscilla Presley has put her support behind federal legislation to protect horses from lives of constant pain by joining The Humane Society of the United States in urging Congress to pass the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act of 2013.

    Flossie Sellers - December 12, 2013 08:36

  • Urgent Alert: Key Land Conservation Incentive Set to Expire

    A key land conservation incentive scheduled to expire this month will greatly impact where we ride, drive, race, compete, raise foals and grow hay tomorrow.

    Flossie Sellers - December 11, 2013 08:49

  • French Protest Increase in Taxes on Equestrian Centers

    Protesters and horses took to the streets of Paris to complain about a plan to treble taxes on equestrian centers, saying that the tax increases would result in thousands of horses being doomed to slaughter.

    Flossie Sellers - November 25, 2013 10:40

  • Legislators Hoping to Pass Anti-Doping Bill to Prevent Drugs in Horse Racing

    Race horses are sometimes injected with more than a dozen drugs ahead of races, advocates of the new rules say. This "doping" may mask injuries, put the animals at risk and undermine the sport of horse racing.

    Flossie Sellers - November 22, 2013 08:56

  • BLM to Begin Massive Wild Horse Roundup to Appease Ranchers

    A national coalition of more than 50 organizations, blasted the Bureau of Land Management for continuing business as usual with the massive removal of wild horses in Wyoming.

    Flossie Sellers - November 21, 2013 15:49