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D-L meth-e-o-NEEN - Pronunciation guide

Brand Names

  • BioMeth Powder
  • d-l-Methionine Powder
  • DL-Methionine Tablets


DL-Methionine is an essential amino acid containing sulfur that is manufactured synthetically and used in dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals.


DL-Methionine, in combination with biotin, zinc sulfate, and magnesium oxide, is used as a dietary supplement.

DL-Methionine is also added to feed when the nutrients involved in keratin may be low, resulting in the need for a supplement that will lead to hoof repair and aid in the treatment of laminitis in horses.

Dosage and Administration

Prescription medicationCyproheptadine
Method Dosage
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Concentration Period Duration
Oral 20-50 mg/kg 1 mg/mg 1 Daily NA


  • Pure form. When included as part of a supplement, follow the manufacturer's directions.
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Method Amount Dosage Period Duration Note
Oral 1 Scoop Daily 6 - 9 months Mix with feed. 1 scoop = 15 grams.

Read manufacturer's instructions carefully.

Side Effects

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Bio-Meth PowderBio-Meth Powder

DL-Methionine TabletsDL-Methionine Tablets


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