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Ears, Eyes, Mouth and Tail - Observe Carefully …

by Flossie Sellers

April 26, 2018 15:49

Learn about the ways a horse's senses allow them to stay safe and monitor their world for anything that might indicate danger is near and how they communicate …

Equine Senses and How They Relate to Behavior

by EquiMed Staff

April 26, 2018 15:59

Learn how your horse's behavior is determined by what he see, hears, smells, and feels, and the part you play in affecting your horses responses to its world …

Equine Language: Facial, Vocal and Body

by EquiMed Staff

April 26, 2018 16:00

Learn how your horse's facial, vocal, and body language can tune you in to its reactions to people, places and things …

One Method Does Not Work For All Horses

by Katie Navarra

April 26, 2018 16:18

Learn how to use your particular horse's specific talents as the key for effectively training your horse …

Behavior Tip

It is easier to control a horse that wants to please than one that is afraid to disobey.

Mutual Grooming in Horses - You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours …

by EquiMed Staff

April 18, 2017 15:40

Horses often begin a mutual grooming session by scratching each others withers but then move up and down each others body using their teeth to scratch and …

  1. the way in which an animal or person acts in response to a particular situation or stimulus.
  2. equine activities that provide entertainement to the animal, including bucking, kicking, and spooking.


Hoof Care - Trimming the Donkey

Video of donkey hoof trimming.

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