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  • Laughing foal showing teeth.

    Dental Care for Young Horses

    In addition to issues created by feeding of hay and grain instead of grazing for feed, young horses often suffer dental problems during the transition from baby teeth to permanent teeth.

  • A look at a horse's teeth as he reaches for a treat.

    Dental Care for Older Horses

    Most dental problems in older horses involve teeth wearing out, uneven wear, or just the fact that the teeth are missing. This article provides the horse owner with how to identify senior horse dental problems.

  • Horse eating a slurry of feed prepared for a toothless horse.

    Feeding the Toothless Horse

    "When feeding a horse with no teeth or with very severe tooth damage, feed a slurry of complete pelleted feed and/or mashed alfalfa pellets, and add in some long stemmed soft leafy alfalfa hay because horses without teeth will still want to chew on fiber

  • A young foal showing his teeth and mouth.

    Aging a Horse by Its Teeth

    It is not an old-wives tale that a horse's age can be told by checking its teeth. Learn the different stages a horse's teeth go through and how the Galvayne's groove is a key to an older horse's age.

  • Checking a horse's mouth and teeth for common dental problems.

    Common Equine Dental Problems

    Learn about the many kinds of problems that affect horse's teeth and how good dental health goes hand-in-hand with the well-being and peak performance of your horse.

  • Veterinarian examining a horse's teeth.

    4 Top Reasons for Making Horse Dental Care a Priority

    By the time a horse begins to loose weight, drop feed from the mouth while chewing, or show other signs of dental problems, any issues with the horse's mouth are quite advanced.

  • Equine dentist using speculum and power floater to care for horse's teeth.

    Power Floating Your Horse's Teeth - Using Power Wisely

    Learn about changes in dental practices by equine dentists and veterinarians who now care for your horse's teeth with less risk, less pain, and more comfort.

  • Open wide! Let me see those teeth.

    Common Equine Dental Problems and How To Avoid Them

    Learn how changes in the ways domestic horses are fed affects their mouths and teeth and what you can do to prevent devastating dental problems.

  • Equine dentist using speculum and power floater to care for horse's teeth.

    Using a Veterinarian Versus a Non-Veterinarian Equine Dentist

    With the growing demand for horse dental care, non-veterinary technicians are practicing in different areas of the country. Read to learn about criteria for "horse dentists" so you can make informed decisions about what's best for your horse.

  • Front of horses's mouth showing incisors which are used to bite or cut off pieces of forage.

    Overview of Your Horse's Teeth

    Learn basic information about your horse's teeth, how they work, and why choosing the right bit for your horse's mouth is important.