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Horse Diarrhea - Is It an Emergency …

Flossie Sellers

Horse Diarrhea - Is It an Emergency …

by Flossie Sellers

April 7, 2017 14:26

Read to learn about the causes, signs, and effects of diarrhea and why early involvement with your veterinarian is important in maintaining your horse's health …

First Aid

Your Equine First Aid Kit

EquiMed Staff

Your Equine First Aid Kit

by EquiMed Staff

April 10, 2017 10:05

Having first aid essentials readily available will save you time, money, and possibly your horse's life. Read to learn what every equine first aid kit …

Handling and Restraining Your Sick or Injured Horse

by EquiMed Staff

April 10, 2017 11:38

For the safety of all concerned, including the horse, proper restraining methods must be used when a sick horse needs treatment. Learn more about the types of …

Horse Trail Ride Injuries - Be Prepared

by Miriam Rieck

April 10, 2017 17:01

Eventually most trail ride horses suffer some kind of injury on the trail. Learn about the most common injuries and how your first-aid preparations can be put …

First Aid Tip

Be prepared for an emergency. Train your horse to trailer load now.

Take the Trauma Out of 5 Horse Health Emergencies

by EquiMed Staff

April 12, 2017 11:17

Colic, acute lameness, traumatic injury accompanied by severe bleeding, shock, and choke are emergencies for which all horse owners need to be prepared …

first aid
/ˌfərst ˈād/
  1. help given to a sick or injured person or animal until full medical treatment is available.
  2. activity required by novice horse owners training a "free" horse.


Hoof Care - Trimming the Donkey

Video of donkey hoof trimming.

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