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First Aid in Treating Equine Injuries

by EquiMed Staff

April 19, 2017 17:04

Learn the three rules for treating equine injuries and how to treat the most common wounds and fractures …

Horse First Aid for Sudden-Onset Illness

by EquiMed Staff

April 10, 2017 13:01

Viruses, colic, poisonings, adverse drug reactions, hemorrhages, and heart arrhythmias strike horses without warning. Read to learn what you need to know and do …

First Aid

Horse First Aid for Shock

EquiMed Staff

Horse First Aid for Shock

by EquiMed Staff

April 10, 2017 15:03

Learn about the 5 different types of shock that occur in horses. Your preparation could help save a horse's life in the case of shock …

Horse First Aid for Puncture Wounds, Abrasions, and Lacerations

by Flossie Sellers

April 11, 2017 12:29

Keep these 14 items that belong in your equine first aid kit readily available to help take care of typical horse wounds, abrasions and laceration …

First Aid Tip

The next time you visit your horse, check its pulse, respiration, temperature and capillary refill. Ask your vet to show you how.

First Aid

Rio's Quarter Crack: A Case Study

Jacob Butler

Rio's Quarter Crack: A Case Study

by Jacob Butler

April 19, 2017 17:14

Follow the story of Rio's quarter crack from the time he is a weanling through appointments at Butler's Farrier School as the quarter crack is stabilized, …

first aid
/ˌfərst ˈād/
  1. help given to a sick or injured person or animal until full medical treatment is available.
  2. activity required by novice horse owners training a "free" horse.


Hoof Care - Trimming the Donkey

Video of donkey hoof trimming.

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