5 Safety Rules for Grooming Your Horse

Following safety rules while bathing horse using spray and bathing mit.
Following safety rules while bathing horse using spray and bathing mit.

Following five simple safety rules helps both groomer and horse keep the experience safe, productive and pleasurable.

  1. Never stand directly in front or behind your horse when grooming.  Stand off to the side of the legs, in case the horse kicks or begins moving.
  2. Never groom a horse that is loose.  Always make sure the horse is properly secured before you begin.
  3. Never sit or kneel down while working on the horse's legs or lower part of the body. Crouch, squat, or bend over and be prepared to move quickly if the horse moves or strikes out.
  4. Never duck under the horse's belly. The surprise factor may literally "kick" in.
  5. Never expect a new horse to welcome grooming activities. Use caution and get to know the horse before attempting to brush the underbelly or detangle the tail, for example.

By taking a few precautions and paying attention to your horse, grooming can be both fun and productive.

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