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Caring for Your Horse - Tools of the Trade

by EquiMed Staff

April 17, 2017 11:51

Learn about the 8 different types of essential tools you need to care for your horse and how each is important in providing adequate care …

Causes of Horse Related Injuries and How to Prevent Them

by EquiMed Staff

April 17, 2017 18:04

Read about the 5 most common causes of horse-related injuries and the 7 keys to good horsemanship that will help prevent these injuries …

Electrolytes for Your Horse - Just Buzz or for Real …

by Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

April 20, 2017 10:59

Learn about electrolytes and electrolyte alternatives and how electrolyte depletion is closely tied to the amount your horse is sweating …

Horse Thoughts For the New Horse Owner: Part Two of Two

by Miriam Rieck

April 23, 2017 16:29

Thinking about getting a horse. Author Miriam Reich continues her sage advice based on her experiences and what she learned …

General Care Tip

Get in the habit of feeling your horse's legs for heat each time you groom. Detecting a mild lameness allows you to reduce the chance of increased injury.

Helping Horses Survive and Thrive during Droughts and Wildfires

by EquiMed Staff

April 25, 2017 12:54

The nutritional value of forage and hay grown in drought-stricken areas plummets and as a result, horse nutrition is compromised and in the case of wildfires, …

gen·er·al care
/ˈjen(ə)rəl ker/
  1. the widespread provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.
  2. a good name for a military horse.


Hoof Care - Trimming the Donkey

Video of donkey hoof trimming.

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