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Managing Horse Manure

EquiMed Staff

Managing Horse Manure

by EquiMed Staff

April 17, 2017 14:20

Learn how much manure a normal horse produces, ways of disposing of the manure, the tools needed for easy disposal, and why it is important to keep your barn …

Kids and Horses - Basic Safety Issues When Handling Horses

by Heather Smith Thomas

April 24, 2017 14:51

Learn about teaching young would-be equestrians what they need to know and do, beginning with basic safety rules that will enable every child to proudly take on …

Safe First Horseback Rides -Tips for the First-Time Rider

by Heather Smith Thomas

April 24, 2017 15:09

Learn about teaching children who are going on a first ride what they need to know and what to do to fully enjoy riding horses …

General Care

Hobble Train Your Horse

EquiMed Staff

Hobble Train Your Horse

by EquiMed Staff

April 25, 2017 14:14

Hobble training your horse will teach him patience, will teach him to give to pressure, will teach him not to panic if his legs are trapped, and it comes in …

General Care Tip

Stable and standing bandages are used for support of the horse's lower legs after a hard workout. A standing bandage should have plenty of padding and must be pulled tight enough to reduce swelling, but not overly tight. Ask your veterinarian for instructions.

What Every Horse Owner Should Know About Caring for Senior Equines

by Flossie Sellers

April 26, 2017 13:20

An effective best-practices management plan includes proper nutrition, hoof and dental care, vaccines, deworming and exercise that will help your older horse …

gen·er·al care
/ˈjen(ə)rəl ker/
  1. the widespread provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.
  2. a good name for a military horse.


Hoof Care - Trimming the Donkey

Video of donkey hoof trimming.

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