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  • Two mature stallions challenging each other.

    Equine Reproductive Maturity in Mares and Stallions

    Dramatic physical and mental changes occur in horses as they transition from playful colt or filly stage to the adolescent stage and on to becoming a stallion or a mare.

  • Mare and new foal in stall looking out at someone approaching.

    Foaling - When To Call the Vet

    Hundreds of mares deliver healthy foals without incident yearly, but when complications during the foaling process develop, the time can turn into a nightmare for the caretaker and the mare and foal, so having a veterinarian on call is imperative.

  • New brown foal in pasture with white mare.

    Facts about Patent Urachus in Foals

    The condition known as patent urachus is a leakage in the area of a new foal's umbilicus and when the urachus does not seal off properly within a few days of foaling, it becomes a major concern that requires immediate medical attention.

  • The costs for keeping a horse adding up!

    What it Costs to Breed a Horse

    Deciding to breed your mare is an exciting proposition. Before starting, here are some facts that you should know. Knowing the costs upfront help you make the best decision.

  • A Morgan gelding.

    Reproductive Care for My Gelding

    Sometimes we forget that geldings have all the same equipment as a stallion, save the testicles. Geldings also need periodic reproductive tract care, and are subject to many diseases and conditions of the reproductive tract.

  • Icelandic Horse - Know your horse breeds and resources.

    Horse Breed Registries

    Comprehensive and updated, this is the guide of horse, pony and other equine breed registries. Find contact information, and website links for your favorite breed here.

  • Video monitoring equipment for monitoring mare and new foal.

    Ready for My Close-Up: Video Monitoring for Your Pregnant Mare

    Learn how easy it is to install and use a video monitor for your pregnant mare. Be ready for the Big Event! Includes links to equipment manufacturers and monitoring services that are available.

  • Using technology to improve quality of a new foal.

    Equine Artificial Insemination Explained

    Artificial insemination gives you access to the best genetic material available across town or around the world. Learn the basic techniques here and get started on improving the quality of your herd using the best stallion for your next breeding.

  • Will this foal make it?

    Equine Abortions

    Your bred mare has about an 80% chance of delivering a live foal. Learn about the causes of equine abortion and 6 things you can do to reduce the chances of abortion in  your pregnant mare.

  • Technology of artificial insemination for horses.

    Artificial Insemination for Your Mare?

    Artificial insemination (AI) is a popular technique for reducing the danger and expense of live cover, and providing access to genetic material (semen) from around the world. Learn the history and common practices of equine artificial insemination.